Frances Summer 2017 Handbag

Summer designer handbags

Imagine summer, the beach and a large glass of ice cold lemonade. You are just laying there, thinking about absolutely nothing. Yes, that's happiness! The Frances handbag by designer Tory Burch reminds of the same scenario. The tote is made of a breezy canvas material, with just the right amount of yellow accents on a light beige base. Taste Summer with the Frances tote.  

Summer designer tote bags
Medium sized

Summer tote handbags 2017
Two side-pockets

Wear The Fuck You Want: A New Identity

Wear the Fuck You Want
Vetements + Manolo Blahnik 

A new identity

Like puppets, we move through this life. Thin threads are above us, pulled exactly where society wants them to be. We don't see these threads, but they often feel like chains. How free are we really? 

"I will open the box one last time", I said to myself. Look at my old baggy pants. I wore them almost every day in high school and they still look like new. I had an emo/rock/punk moment. To be honest, there is still a bit of that fire in me, but now I'm grown up. I can't act that way anymore. That would be embarrassing.

And those 18 cm (converted, 7.08661 inches. You're welcome.) high heels. Punk rock emo in high heels? Sounds odd, I know. How stupid was I ?! I don't wear them anymore because people say it looks cheap. 

Despite my music taste, I had a secret passion for fashion. Designer fashion. The creativity used to blow me away. That was real love! Growing up, I didn't have money to buy anything with a designer signature so I never mentioned that part of me to anyone. It wouldn't make sense anyway to talk about something that you can't have, right? Right? And anyway, people don't like snobs.     

But today it doesn't matter anymore because I wouldn't be authentic if I'd be covered under all these shiny brand names, slutty high heel shoes or an outfit that doesn't match my age. Now I'm happy with who I am, because now, people like me. And that is all what matters.  

I better put everything back in the box. I'm living a new life now.

The Edit: How To Wear Wide Leg Pants

Summer fashion trends 2017
Statement piece: Pierre Balmain shirt

You know that rule, if you wear a loose top then your pants should be tight-fitting and vice versa.? Who wants to wear tight clothing when it's hot outside? No one. So rather then following stupid rules, we're gonna wear what we feel comfortable in. Now we just want to add a bit of fashionista to the whole look.  

For starters, we will choose cropped wide-leg denim pants. These jeans by J.Crew have large, funky pockets and a waist tie detail. Combine it with a simple loose shirt. Vertical lines on your shirt will give you a nice shape and they will add balance to the outfit. The shirt by Pierre Balmain is made of 100% silk, which is a good summer fabric, because silk lets your body regulate its temperature. It is naturally absorbent. Cool, huh?

Now we need the finesse, the shoes and the bag. Since the pants are cropped, wear shoes with lace-up straps that will fill the space between your ankles and calves in a playful way. The sandals by Alexandre Birman have gorgeous satin straps and come in a beautiful shade of blue. To make your outfit pop you don't have to wear a handbag in a hue that is on the opposite side of the color wheel. Feel free to play with textures. The Franco Puggi handbag has a glossy blue surface and an eye-catcher factor.

Boho Chic! Fringe Wedge Sandals by Chloé

Chloé fringe sandals

Look noble and cute at the same time. The fringe wedge sandals by Chloé are the best of both world. They feature an elegantly shaped wedge heel (9,5 cm/3.75"), a pure beige suede upper, an open toe front and long playful fringes on the back. So boho chic! Pair with jeans or a casual maxi dress. See next: Amazon Shoe Coupon.

Fringe wedge sandals
Playful fringes on the back

Chloe fringe wedges
Wide open toe

Wear the Fuck You Want: The Follower and the Snob

Wear the Fuck You Want

The follower and the snob

We are in the confession room. Soon we will hear more about our main characters: the snob, the trend setter and the trend follower. They never met in person or talked to each other. And, it is going to stay that way - for now.

Hey! I'm Snob. I really love fashion. It is my biggest passion. My favorite brand you ask? Hmm, let me think. That's a tough question! The designers are all incredibly creative and I respect them for their enormous talent. But if I had to choose one brand, I would go with Gucci. It just fits my personality in every way! Friends? I have two best friends. They mean the world to me. One of them is currently on Safari. How amazing is that!

Hello. I am Trend Setter. I will be short. I make the rules. I tell how to behave, what to think, what to say. Simply, I tell you how to live.

Hi. I am a trend follower. There are many of us. But it doesn't matter if you talk to me or any other follower because we all behave the same. I do everything Trend Setters says. I never met him in person. Actually, no one of us followers ever did. But it's said, if we do everything he wants, we are going to live a happy life. Friends? I know many people. They are all nice and polite. There is only one person they're not nice to. Snob. I never met him either, but I should also be mean to him, right? Right? 

Wear The Fuck You Want: Prologue

Caroline de Maigret
Caroline de Maigret


Dress code. Dress to impress. Dress like you're going to meet your biggest rival. Bullshit. Who even said these words out loud first? The term "fashion victim" was once all fancy and cool, but now we became simply, victims. Not the victim of the fashion industry. We became victims of our own insecurities.

Clothes should not define the person, but, your personality should define your clothes. Through my own experience and of some other people I observed, I can tell that we are often hiding behind our clothes rather than showing who we really are. Me, you, we're all afraid of judgments. "I'm not going to wear my favorite mini skirt because people will say that I look slutty." "I won't buy that designer bag because people will think that I'm a snob.""I love boots. I would even wear them in Summer, but I know people will stare at me if I do so." Confessions

"Wear the Fuck You Want" is not a style guide, and I'm not going to tell you what to wear, because otherwise, the book title wouldn't make sense, right? I just want you to break free. A pair of boots, a cap and a pair of glasses made me write this book. And later, you will see how.

Here is something little for you to think about. Who is more fake, a proud snob covered under Gucci Versace, or the person who would love to wear designer items, but doesn't want to be called a snob? 

The Edit: Bohemian Retro Spring 2017

Bohemian retro style
Bohemian retro

Spring is around the corner. It is time get some inspiration. And because of that, here are a few items to make your wardrobe more playful and free-spirited. Let's start with a good shoe!

1. The platform sandals by Chloe are so chunky and retro. And even if you're not a big vintage fan, you can easily combine them with any other style. An all-round talent!
2. Add a bit prep to your jeans. Like fringes. Fringes are always fun. You can get the WM3 jeans by 3X1, or easily create the fringes yourself.

3. A bag is needed! But you don't want your bag to bee to big or too heavy when you're out enjoying the sun. In that case, the mini Polly bag by See by Chloe will be perfect.
4. The highlight is the long embellished tweed vest by Etro. The vest just screams "bohemian".

5. And then, if you like, put your aviators on and you're ready to go! These aviators by Victoria Beckham have just the right shade of Spring blue.

Fancy Sandals for Wedding

Fancy shoes for wedding
Vince Camuto

They may be covered by the glory of your wedding dress, but they still have to look fabulous. Your shoes. And dear bride-to-be, we got you covered with fancy sandals for wedding. In this part, we featured designers Vince Camuto and Adrianna Papell.

Fancy sandals for wedding
The Galvin sandal
1. The Galvin sandal by Vince Camuto is beautifully embellished along the straps, with triangle-shaped crystals. Shop now.

Fancy sandals for wedding
The Anette sandal

2. The Anette sandal by designer Adrianna Papell features a decent platform and a mix of satin and metallic materials. Available in four additional colors. Shop now.

Fancy sandals for wedding
The Prest sandal

3. This pair is made of a romantic and minimal design. The Prest sandals by Vince Camuto feature a studd embellishment on the wavy-shaped straps. Shop now.

Amazon Shoe Coupon

Amazon Shoe Coupon
Charles David

Who is excited for Spring?! Soon it's going to be sunny-weather-shoe time, and we want to have a lot of them! It would be nice to have an Amazon shoe coupon for that, right? Amazon is having a huge sale going on right now, with amazing brands such as Jessica Simpson, Charles David, Sam Edelman and any more. And guess what? Almost all of the shoe are under $50. A lot of heels are waiting for you. Happy shopping! 

Amazon Shoe Coupon
Claudette by Jessica Simpson

All Around The World: Greece

Greek footwear design
Konstantina Tzolovou

The Nina Nuru "All Around the World" special - our mission: to feature one footwear designer from every country. Join the spectacular design world tour and get to know some of the most creative masterminds. Today we are in Greece.

Greece is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. "It takes a lifetime for someone to discover Greece, but it only takes an instant to fall in love with her", writer Henry Miller said. And that is exactly what we expect of Greek design style. Lots of beauty and aesthetics. Konstantina Tzolovou's story started in Greece, but her passion for design took her somewhere else. Her journey is an example of how to, in order to make your dream come true, you have to be patient, dedicated and sometimes make sacrifices.

Konstantina was born and raised in Greece. She always imagined having her own shoe label. And because of that, she moved far away from home - to San Francisco. Imagine how strong her passion was if she left such a beautiful country. After graduating, Konstantina didn't just jump right into the entrepreneur business. She took some time to learn about the industry and gain more experience by working in merchandising and buying. After that, Konstantina Tzolovou was ready for a solo career.

The Greek footwear designer created her first collection, with a signature mix of materials - leather and mesh. You can say that a designer is talented when you recognize his/her creations, without looking at the label. Konstantina Tzolovou's brand is very unique. Beside the feminine look, it has the right amount of kitsch. The Balkanese kind of kitsch. I'm sure that we will see and hear more from this designer in the future.

You can find her collection at Runway2Street.

Greek footwear design
The Dinara booties

Greek footwear design
The Warrior sandals

Greek footwear design
Konstantina Tzolovou design

The Edit: Springter Shoes by Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra Ambrosio
Alessandra in Paris

Seeing this picture of Alessandra Ambrosio, taken somewhat in January, made it immediately clear what our topic for this week is going to be. Not Winter, nor Spring shoes, but Springter shoes (the season in between). You know the scenario: it's not that cold for depressing dull colors and it's definitely not time for those yellow sandals. That's when you know it's time for beige. So, here is my pick for you, four different styles in four different shades of nude. Enjoy!

  • 1. Gracie sandals by Audrey Brooke.
  • 2. Seychelles leather Oxford's (now on sale).
  • 3. Claudie Pierlot suede pumps.
  • 4. Acne Studios Mable ankle boots.

Friday Night With Catherine

Black Suede Booties
Charles David

It is finally Friday. Let the weekend begin! If you are planning to spend the weekend outside, partying all night long or having a fancy dinner, you will need a kick-ass pair of shoes (pardon my French). The Catherine bootie, by footwear designer Charles David, is a minimalism gem, with nothing but a bold pointy toe, 10cm/4" stiletto heel and a small lace detail on the back. Nothing much, nothing less. Just the right amount of perfect. 

Black suede booties
Catherine in black suede

Burgundy dress booties

Tan suede dress booties
Catherine in tan

New In by Steve Madden: The Wagner Boots

Patent Leather Boots
Steve Madden 

We can happily say, high heels are having a comeback! The past few years we've been part of the sneaker culture, but now it's time to switch back to the good old sky-high shoes. Our favorite: the glossy Wagner boots by Steve Madden. The Wagner features a patent PU upper material, a proud 11cm/4.5" stiletto heel and a bold pointed toe front. Let the heel game begin! See next: Rumbo Leather Ankle boots.

Patent Ankle Boots by Steve Madden
Wagner boots

Stiletto Ankle Booties
11cm/4.5 inch stiletto heel