Vegan Handbags Guide: Mary Point

Mary Point Vegan Handbags
Ariel handbag

The world is turning vegan. So does the fashion industry. People are more cautious about the products that they are purchasing, and the  production background in general. It is important that the process remains cruelty free. One of them is Mary Point.

The Florida based vegan handbag label started out of respect for everything alive. Mary, the designer and founder of Mary Point, got inspired by the beauty of the nature while traveling around the world. This event led her to the decision to start cruelty-free and also eco-friendly  handbag production.

Mary Point handbags are minimalistic in shape and modern in design. Beside the sophisticated appearance, these handbags are also very functional and business ready. Learn more about the label and the latest collection:

Mary Point Chris handbag.

Harper vegan handbag.


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