All Around The World: Argentina

Jessica Kessel Footwear
Jessica Kessel design

The Nina Nuru "All Around the World" special - our mission: to feature one footwear designer from every country. Join the spectacular design world tour and get to know some of the most creative masterminds. Today we are in Argentina.

What makes Argentina so beautiful? I could name many things for sure, like the exotic landscape, the climate or the architecture. Still, there is more to be discovered. The hidden gems.

One of these native treasures is footwear designer Jessica Kessel. She is an example how to turn your passion into a profession. Jessica's journey started five years ago when she decided to take her destiny in her own hands. Together with maestro zapatero, Fernando Lopez Bizcaino, she learned the art of shoemaking.

Her outstanding mind, filled with a colorful creativity, helped her to create an unique footwear collection for women. She chose a vintage and non-conventional style, which made it easy to recognize that the designs are full of personality and created out of pure passion. Today, you can find Jessica Kessel's creations in the most historic neighbourhood of Buenos Aires - San Telmo. 

Jessica Kessel Footwear
Design by Jessica Kessel


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